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Houston is also Home of the Houston Public School District.

Located in the heart of the Ozarks in south central Missouri, the City of Houston offers warm hospitality, beautiful natural scenery, and a proud history that has laid a foundation for an exciting future.

Our success is credited to great schools, parks, and neighborhoods, along with low crime, new infrastructure, and a wide variety of housing choices.

From youth sports leagues to special activities for senior citizens, Houston offers enjoyment for all ages. Multiple Parks, a pool, along with baseball, softball, football, and soccer fields give young and old alike the opportunity to stay active. Also, Houston’s low crime rate makes the community a safe place to call home.

Houston is also home of the Houston public school district. A small school with lower class sizes does not stop our Tigers from having access to sports and classes usually offered in larger districts. Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Softball top the list when it comes to Tiger Sports. The Houston School district also participates with Drury University in providing Dual Credit classes to prepare your student for life after High School. Making sure our kids are ready for what they will face when they leave High School is a very important piece of the Houston School District.

Great Schools, parks, affordable housing, available sites, and a ready workforce make Houston a community focused on providing a high quality of life.

Elected Officials

Members of the Houston City Council serve on several committees overseeing segments of city government:

Public grounds and airport: Joe Honeycutt, chairman; Michael Weakly and Viki Narancich
• Utilities and buildings: Michael Weakly, chairman; Kevin Stilley and Kim Bittle
• Economic development: Chalky Wells, chairman; Joe Honeycutt and Viki Narancich
• Finance: Viki Narancich, chairman; Chalky Wells and Kevin Stilley
• Personnel: Kevin Stilley, chairman; Kim Bittle and Chalky Wells
• Police and Fire: Kim Bittle, chairman; Michael Weakly and Joe Honeycutt

Houston City Council
  • Mayor – Willy Walker
  • Kevin Stilley – Ward 1
  • Joe Honeycutt – Ward 1
  • Chalky Wells – Ward 2
  • Michael Weakly – Ward 2
  • Viki Narancich – Ward 3
  • Kim Bittle – Ward 3


City Administration

City Administrator
Scott Avery

City Clerk
Heather Sponsler

Support Staff
Carol Pittman

Economic Development Director
Rob Harrington

Utility Clerk
Mikalya Murray

Court Clerk
Angie Long

Parks Director
Stetson Evetts

Grant Writer
Elaine Campbell



Department Supervisor
Mike Williams

Matt Baker
Travis Lunbeck
Cody Smith
Alex Green



Department Supervisor
Harley Coulter

Keith Hamilton
Bob Richards
Dustin Hartman


Public Grounds

Department Supervisor
Joe Kirkman

Travis Campbell
Steve Floyd
Jimmy Jones


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