Located along a major north south corridor


We understand that having access to available service with the capacity to serve your business expansion is a critical factor in selecting a site.

That is why the City of Houston many years ago decided to own and operate the utilities found within the City limits. This ensures that we can provide your company with accurate and detailed information about the services, capacities, rates, and costs for any system upgrade associated with available buildings and sites.

The City staff that we have within our utility departments are professional individuals that have years of experience and are instrumental in Houston having the services that we do. Also since we own the utilities within our community we have the opportunity to provide certain incentives to companies that meet certain expectations the City has placed within their Incentives Policy. This can be found on our Incentives and Financial page located on our website.


Houston’s location makes it a prime destination for companies that are looking to ship their products across the world.

With access to multiple interstates, major state highways, and Regional Airports within an hour drive there is no doubt that if you build it here you can ship it from here.


With several major markets, including Minneapolis, Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, and our namesake Houston, TX, you are able to reach millions of consumers from right here in Houston, MO, all within a 12-hour radius.

Regional Airport

Recently the St. Roberts/Waynesville Regional Airport opened its Regional Jet service to St. Louis Lambert Airport.

This service allows passengers to be in St. Louis in just a 26 minute flight. The airport is located on the base of Fort Leonard Wood and is only a 52 minute drive from Houston.