City of Houston, Missouri Fire Department The Houston Fire Department is a volunteer organization that consists of 32 volunteer firefighters. The Fire Department is committed to providing professional and quality fire protection to our community and the surrounding areas. This shall be accomplished through vigorous fire prevention, public education, and fire suppression, training and maximum use of available resources in the mitigation of all disasters. The City of Houston Fire Department can be reached at 417-967-3348 for none-emergencies during regular business hours. In case of an emergency please dial 911.

The Houston Fire Department strives to continually provide the best quality emergency response services, and the most current life-saving information for our residents, businesses, and those traveling through. We strive to provide the best in fire protection and rescue services. In addition, we place a heavy emphasis on fire prevention, disaster preparedness, emergency management, and training for all ages. The vision of the Houston Fire Department is to be the leader in providing public safety, protection, and education. We firmly believe that our organizations fire suppression, rescue, all hazards preparedness, and emergency management make us standout as a leader.

Houston Fire Department Administration

Fire Chief: Robbie Smith

Assistant Chief: Jon Cook

Assistant Chief: Jeremy St. John