Welcome to Houston located in Southcentral Missouri. Whether your business is expanding, relocating or just starting up, our team of economic development professionals is ready to assist you in achieving the highest level of success in your project.

Why Houston

Is your business ready to grow? Would you like to locate to a region with a rich history of manufacturing? Then Houston the shining star of Texas County is the place for you. Over the last several years Houston has made huge strides to set itself apart from other communities their same size. We continue to work with many of our local companies on expansions and just as they have we believe that you should also make Houston your future home.

From helping your business select the ideal development site or helping you through the City’s and States incentive process our team here at the City of Houston can contribute to making your site selection process a success.

Our Economic Development Director has relationships with multiple developers throughout the region that are able to truly take your vision of what you need and make it a reality. This relationship is why Houston continues to see growth across the board when it comes to small and medium-size businesses finding a home in Houston, Missouri.

Our Services

The following are a few of the services our team can provide for your company during your search process.

  • Work with State officials regarding possible incentives that your business may be eligible for.
  • Help you with any zoning, or permitting questions you may have in regards to your business, and collaborate with the proper individuals to work through them.
  • Work with our utility staff to make sure your company has the capabilities, capacities and the infrastructure in place to begin the development process.
  • Introduce your company leaders to current business leaders to help you find services within the community for your business and employees to use.
  • Connect your company with our local and regional education organizations to make sure that all of your workforce needs are met.
  • Assessment and presentation of available buildings and sites that meet your needs
  • Single point of contact for your company throughout the entire development process and after
  • Facilities available to you for holding local meetings if needed.

Contact Our Director

Kevin Buck
Economic Development Director
501 Walnut Street
Houston, MO 65483
(417) 217-4225

Houston, MO is an ACT Workready Community