City of Houston, Missouri - Electrical Department

Department Supervisor: Bob Richards

Chief Waste/Water Operator: Jerry Jackson


Steve Floyd

Reid Long

The City of Houston water and sewer departments consist of a group of dedicated and professional employees.  The department is responsible for providing potable water to the citizens of Houston and maintaining the sewer collection systems, as well as the wastewater treatment plant. The departments are responsible for monthly quality tests to ensure that the water being provided to the citizens and discharged from the treatment plant, meets state and federal guidelines. They are also tasked with installing new water and sewer pipes, water connections and inspections of sewer connections, repairing damages to the infrastructure and routine maintenance throughout the city’s water and sewer systems.

The department’s members, as required by law, are certified through the Department of Natural Resources. As such each member is required to attend training seminars to obtain continuing education hours in order to learn and maintain their certifications. Each member of the department takes pride in their work and are dedicated to the performing their jobs to the highest standards.

The City of Houston Water/Sewer Department can be reached at City Hall at 417-967-3348 for non-emergencies during regular business hours. For emergency after hour calls please dial 911.

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