Public Safety

police of Houston


The Houston Police Department is comprised of 8 officers who all share the same passion and dedication in ensuring that the City of Houston continues to be a safe and secure place to live, work, and play.

The Officers of the Houston Police Department want you to know that no matter if you are planning to visit or become a new resident of our wonderful community that your safety and protection is our most important responsibility.

  • Chief of Police – Tim Ceplina
  • Lieutenant – Brad Evans
  • Sargent – Matt Woodmansee
  • Officer – David Kidwell
  • Officer – Josh Green (School Resource Officer)
  • Officer – Travis Thompson
  • Officer – Mark Adam Stevenson
  • Officer – Jason Wink
fire department of Houston


The Houston Fire Department is a volunteer organization that consists of 32 volunteer firefighters.

The Fire Department is committed to providing professional and quality fire protection to our community and the surrounding areas. This shall be accomplished through vigorous fire prevention, public education, and fire suppression, training and maximum use of available resources in the mitigation of all disasters.

  • Fire Chief – Robbie Smith
  • Assistant Chief – Jon Cook
  • Assistant Chief – Jeremy St. John

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